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History Lamb and Haywood

Quality, value and innovation have been the hallmarks of Lamb & Hayward Funeral Directors for more than 85 years.

The undertaking business had been first set up by Matthew Park. Boon & Company became involved when he commissioned them to build a specially designed funeral truck. However, Matthew Park’s funeral business did not prosper as well as it should – Matthew was more interested in trucks than undertaking – and William Hayward and William Boon became financially involved in his company. The Hon.William Hayward was a prominent Christchurch businessman and he and William Boon already had shared business interests in Rink Taxis Ltd (later to be absorbed into Blue Star taxis). Eventually Park sold out (and went on to start up another business, Parks Breakdown) and William Lamb, an experienced funeral director, joined what became Lamb & Hayward, Funeral Directors in 1923.

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